Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism policy for the "Al-Salihat" journal:

  • Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's work without giving them credit. It is a serious academic offense that can result in the rejection of a manuscript, the retraction of a published article, or even expulsion from the journal.
  • The Al-Salihat journal defines plagiarism as the following:
    • The use of another person's words or ideas without giving them credit.
    • The paraphrasing of another person's work without providing a citation.
    • The use of another person's work without properly citing it.
  • Any manuscript submitted to the Al-Salihat journal will be checked for plagiarism using a plagiarism detection software. If plagiarism is found, the manuscript will be rejected.
  • Authors who are found to have plagiarized will be banned from submitting manuscripts to the journal in the future.
  • The Al-Salihat journal reserves the right to take any other action it deems appropriate in cases of plagiarism.

To avoid plagiarism, authors should always cite their sources properly. This means providing the author, title, and publication information for any work that they use in their manuscript. Authors should also avoid paraphrasing without providing a citation. If in doubt, authors should err on the side of caution and cite their sources.

The Al-Salihat is committed to preventing plagiarism. By following these guidelines, authors can help to ensure that their submissions are free of plagiarism.

Here are some additional tips for avoiding plagiarism:

  • Read the journal's plagiarism policy carefully before submitting your manuscript.
  • Use a plagiarism detection software to check your manuscript before submitting it.
  • Be honest and upfront about your sources.
  • Cite your sources properly, even if you are only paraphrasing their work.
  • If you are unsure about whether or not something is plagiarism, ask for help from a librarian or an experienced researcher.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your submissions are free of plagiarism and that you are contributing to the academic community in a responsible way.

Al-Salihat journal strictly follows Plagiarism Policy as per guidelines of HEC. The Similarity Report on Turnitin should be below 19%. If the similarity Report of the submitted manuscript is more than 19% then it will be rejected, or it can be left at the decision of the Editorial Board for the purposes of a conditional acceptance. The editorial board is very strict regarding plagiarism. The journal believes that taking the idea and work of others without giving them credit is unfair and dishonesty. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the authors to make sure that he/she has submitted an entirely original work and if he/she take some work of others then he/she must give due credit to the original author.