Dr Israr Ahmad: An Analysis of His Ideology About Political Islam and Examining Its Practicality


  • Sundus Basharat PhD Scholar of International Relations at Department of Political Science and International Relations , University of Management and Technology, Lahore
  • Abeeda Qureshi Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science at Forman College ( A Chartered University), Lahore.


Politics, Islam


The relationship between politics and Islam has become essential for the debate in current times.  In Islam, the relationship between politics and religion are two inseparable concepts interconnected in the state system. Many Islamic scholars have tried to rationalize the strong relationship between religion and politics in distinctive ways. Political Islam, Islamic Fundamentalism, and Islamic Resurgence are the recent academic debate of the global arena. In this context, this study analyzed one of the Islamic revivalists of his time, Dr Israr Ahmad. It tried to unfold his ideology of Political Islam. Dr Israr Ahmad is worshipped as a hero and is famous among the masses in Pakistan and around the Muslim World. He has tried to simplify the meanings and contexts of Islam and the Quran, but this essay mainly focused on his Political Islamic ideology. The article is divided into two parts. The first section tried to map the contours of his life, influences on his personality, and political Islamic ideology. The second section of the article assessed his political struggle and involvement in politics, state, and government.